Saturday, October 3, 2009

Slacker I AM!

Ugh. I cannot believe it has been a month since I last posted. I am a slacker. I admit to it. Things have been just a bit hectic here, and October promises be that and more. And the craziness starts today.

Going to the U2 concert tonight. First time they have been in Raleigh since '96 I think. From what I have heard, this tour is better than the Vertigo tour. Not that I have anything to compare it to, since I have never seen U2 in concert. This is what I call a "lifer" concert for me. One of the groups that I swore to myself if they every came around again, I was going to see them. Plus, both the DH and I are U2 fans. So, the tailgating starts at 3pm today with friends prior to the concert. Opening act is Muse, which is a very up and coming British band.

My goal is to attempt to post everyday for the month of October. Don't know if I will have enough to blog about, but it will definitely get the creative juices going. Have a spectacular Saturday!

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