Thursday, August 27, 2009

Now my feet won't touch the ground...

The DH and I have had a busy August. Work, vacation (more on that in a later post), and of course, what I consider to be the highlight of August....the Coldplay concert in Raleigh on 8/6.

My husband has been a fan of Coldplay for a long time. Thus, when tickets went on sale for this concert in FEBRUARY, we immediately purchased them. It couldn't have been better timing, as it was the night before we started a 10 day vacation. We tailgated before the concert with two friends of ours, enjoying a refreshing alcoholic beverage or two before heading into the show.

Let me just say that I have never sang so much in my life! The concert was AWESOME! Much better than I expected. Yellow was awesome, with the pavilion dark until that beginning chord was hit, lights on and yellow balloons all over the place. What really rocked was when they came out and played in the crowd. If we would have had any idea, we would have sat much closer to that area. Will singing Death Will Never Conquer with Chris on the harmonica was really cool. It really is hard to pick out just one song, but Vive La Vida was probably my favorite.

The total concert lasted about two hours, which is more than you get from some bands. We also got a free CD as we left the concert. Want to download it? Click here, and it is at the top of their homepage.

Now to get psyched up for U2. Only 38 days....

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