Monday, January 11, 2010


January 12 already? Again, another record of roughly one month without posting. I could make excuses, lie, beg, borrow and cheat, but the fact of the matter is that I just haven't had anything interesting or enticing to say or show. Yes, this duldrum life of mine is a bit like Groundhog Day, which we watched and laughed at this weekend. Of course, I don't try to kill or bodily injure myself, although I sometimes turn that thought over in my mind with the true insanity that I deal with everyday....

The start of the new year brings everyone new resolutions, goals or whatever you want to call them. I just want to make it to each weekend without losing my cell phone or my sanity. I am goint to try to post at LEAST twice a week here, as well as take part in the 365 project, which I will either fail miserably at or succeed magnificently. The link mine is here, or can be found on my blog roll under Just a Glimpse-365 Project.

Have a spectacular week!

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